The resort is located by Georgioupolis river, next to the beautiful beach of Kalyvaki! Georgioupolis is a small seaside town in Chania Prefecture, approximately 38 km southeast of Chania, in West Crete. Georgioupolis is set in a green countryside with a large beach stretching about 1.5 km eastwards.

How to get to Georgioupolis

From Rethymno to Georgioupolis. Georgioupolis is only 20 kilometres from Rethymno, 15-20 minutes’ drive along the National Road. Don’t be tempted to speed along the long straight stretch from the Episkopi exit to Georgioupolis, as police radar traps are lying in wait to issue fines.

From Heraklion to Georgioupolis the distance is 100 kilometers, about 2 hours’ drive.

From Chania to Georgioupolis is 38 kilometres. As you head from Chania to Rethymno, you will see Georgioupolis signposted – it’s a pretty popular tourist destination and you will easily get there in about 20 minutes.

The main square of Georgioupolis

The main square of Georgioupolis is one of the most attractive to be found in a Cretan tourist village. The restaurants and tavernas may have their menus advertised on billboards in the usual tourist way, but the chairs and tables they set outside in the summer, in the shade of the eucalypts, invite you to sit in the cool and enjoy your coffee.

Even at times when the beaches are usually packed, you will see people sitting in the square for a coffee – it’s a place with its own lovely atmosphere in the morning. Georgioupolis is a village of many shops. Take the time to stroll round its narrow streets and you will see many tourist shops and little tavernas. You definitely won’t lack for anything!

The harbour of Georgioupolis

From the square you come to the small harbour of Georgioupolis, five minutes’ walk away down the road lined with eucalyptus trees. The harbour is on the mouth of the River Almyros. There you will see fishing boats and people taking their small boats or inflatables out to fish or swim in the bay of Georgioupolis and off the nearby coast. The history of Georgioupolis is directly linked to the Almyros, and the village was once even known as Almyroupolis.

On either side of the harbour stretch the beaches of Georgioupolis. Here is the start of the beach road with its cafeterias and restaurants, running east. At the end of the harbour is a small, decorative lighthouse in the Greek colours of white and blue. The most popular sight in the harbour, however, is the chapel of Agios Nikolaos, set on a manmade rock jetty. It’s worth walking along to take wonderful pictures. Whether the sea is calm or rough with foaming waves, the scenery is amazing. If you enjoy a stroll, the beach road of Georgioupolis, running all the way along the beach to the large Tropicana centre, makes a great place to walk. If you want a coffee or snack break, there’s always somewhere to sit in one of the many cafés and restaurants lining the road.

Beaches in Georgioupolis

Kalyvaki Beach next to the resort. If you walk by the resort and the river, you will come to Kalyvaki Beach, a pretty beach with low sand dunes. The beach is smaller than the large one to the east but more sheltered. It is organised and there are restaurants serving lunch. You can also go riding here!

The main beach of Georgioupolis is a large sandy beach extending 1-1.5 km eastwards. It joins the beach in the Kavros area and other ones even further east, all the way to Episkopi and Petres, forming a huge beach 10 kilometers long. Georgioupolis Beach starts at the pretty, whitewashed little church of Agios Nikolaos, on the jetty built to link the church to the land. The beach, sandy all the way along, is fully organised with sun loungers and umbrellas, which mostly belong to the local hotels and are free to guests.

The sea is clean and the beach has been awarded a European Blue Flag. You can pass the time pleasantly, swimming, sunbathing or trying various water sports.

  • Airport: Chania Airport (Ioannis Daskalogiannis – CHQ): 35 min drive.
  • Port: Souda Port: 20 min drive.
  • Bus station: Bus stop: 5 min walking distance.

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